is one of the fundamental principles that must be guaranteed by a conformity assessment body, in particular by a certification and inspection body. DMS Management is committed to ensure that all activities are carried out impartially and are perceived as such by the interested parties, in compliance with the relevant requirements.

Main principles

P_man_primeserve_greiner_tilmann_width_300_height_225DMS conducts its activities in a continuously and rapidly changing institutional,
economic, political and social environment. In order to successfully overcome the challenges of the situations where DMS operates, it is important to clearly define the
set of our inspiring values. We highlight the following values, to which we require compliance:

  • Integrity and ethics in the performance of our services
  • Strict compliance with the laws, regulations and technical standards applicable in the Countries where our activity is conducted
  • Timely compliance with the obligations arising from contracts and other private sources
  • Segregation of duties in the different departments; in this respect, operating directions as well as specific control activities are planned so that no operator can control a company process in full
  • Conformity to the mandates, requiring the implementation of each deed or action by those responsible to do so; authorization and signature powers must be consistent with the assigned organizational responsibilities
  • Verifiability, whereby each operation, transaction or action must be verifiable, documented, consistent and fair, based on documented and complete information
  • Professional ethics, meaning that assigned mandates and tasks are performed with the maximum level of professional and moral responsibility
  • Scrupulous detachment and objectiveness, both in the performance of conformity assessment activities and in the management of relations with the subjects requiring such activities, and with third parties